Similar to a shredder, the Herold Multi-Cut-Wolf has one auger which transports the media to the cutting and mincing tools.  On its shaft, however, three wedge-shaped cutting screws, with the same pitch of the transport screw, pre-cut even tough and long fibrous cellulose without risk of clogging before the material passes through the rough-cutter ring.

At the funnel-shaped intake, the transport screw grips the media and transports it to the end of the screw.  During transit, the first wedge-shaped cutting screw lifts the media from the rotating shaft, forces it against the helical-twisted counter edges in the shredder housing and cuts it into halves.  The same process is repeated at the following two cutting screws. 


The variable use of many different designs of cutting ring, knife and apertured disk combinations makes it possible to reduce initially large chunks and long fibrous material in just one operation into very fine particles.  The drive shaft is long enough to accommodate an additional knife and an even finer apertured disk. The final result could be mash.

Already reduced to a fraction of its original size, the pieces and fibres are cut by the rough-cutter ring, with its hardened and knifesharp edges, into even smaller particles.  Since the media is lifted several times from the rotating shaft, there is no risk that stringy and long fibrous material will cling to the shaft.

The end of the auger is designed to feed any fibrous material at an ideal angle into the knifes of the cutter ring, thereby improving the cutting and shearing results.  As the cutting and shearing process continues and the medium flows through the entire length of the auger, the Multi-Cut-Wolf maintains its highly efficient operation, consuming less power than any competitive appliance on the market.