Applications and Advantages.

Advantages for the operator.

  • The Multi-Cut-Wolf is ideal when the initial media is a composition of various materials with different structures and the final mixture must be of same particle size and homogenized.
  • Because the screw turns in the shredder housing at such a low rpm, the media is not warmed or damaged during the mincing process.
  • The pre-cutting process is done stepwise over the whole length of the auger causing the even flow of the media.
  • The ideal distribution of the shearing force offers a very quiet and efficient operation of the equipment during the shredding process.

Design advantages.

  • Rugged cast iron housing construction
  • Slim design
  • Ease of maintenance on drivehead
  • Simple powertrain from drive head to auger
  • Auger and cutting tools easily removed from housing with a special key
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Minimum risk of clogging
  • All-in-one energy-saving cutting and mincing process
  • Combination and design of cutting tools resulting in varying degrees of fineness
  • Second-to-none output achieved when used in conjunction with a positive displacement pump
  • Inexpensive, replaceable cutting tools
  • High resistance to wear and tear