Our Machining Equipment

We offer contract production at the highest state. We can provide together with our foundry a large range of manufacture—especially for batch production

Pro/Engineer Wildfire
Tool shop
3 axis cnc tool milling machines x=570 mm, y=500 mm, z=450 mm
4 axis cnc tool milling machines x=600 mm, y=450 mm, z=450 mm
Machine shop
Saw cut with feeding Rods up to diameter 200 mm and a lenght of 6,000 mm
Milling machines x=1,200 mm, y=550 mm, z=330 mm
Lathes Max. diameter 1,000 mm, max. lenght 1,500 mm
Radial drilling machines Max. diameter 50 mm, M60
Boring mills x=2.750 mm, y=1.800 mm, z=2.400 mm, up to a part weigth of 11 tons
CNC machine shop
Lathes Diameter up to 710 mm, max. length 2,500 mm
Boring mills x=1,400, y=850 mm, z=1,000 mm
4 axis cnc milling machines Max. dimension 630×630 mm; x=900 mm, y=630 mm, z=835 mm
5 axis cnc milling machines Max. dimension 1,000×1,000 mm; max. weight 4,000 kg; x=1,700 mm, y=1,450 mm, z=2,100 mm
Wire-cut EDM x=300 mm, y=200 mm, z=250 mm, max. weight 200 kg
Quality management
Material Testing Acceptance test certificate according DIN EN 10204-3.1 and 2.2
Spectral analysis Grey cast iron, ductile cast iron, Ni-resist
Digital height meter max. height 1,000 mm
Lapping and polishing machine Max. diameter 400 mm
Bridge cranes Max. loading weight 11 tons