Rotary Lobe Pumps from Herold – Pumping with Lowest Pulsation

Our patented pumping principle with the lowest pulsation rate worldwide, lowest energy consumption, gentle product treatment, proven durability and sustainablility - an investment with guarantee of success.

Looking for an energy efficient pump system? As a well known pump manufacturer we offer our patented rotary lobe pump with extraordinary features. With a wide range of pump sizes, accessories and possibilites, Herold is able to optimize your process with perfectly suited pumps.
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Who Are We?

Herold is a medium sized iron foundry and machining factory. We supply worldwide known customers with our services. In addition to that we produce rotary lobe pumps with the lowest pulsation rate worldwide. This patented Wendelkolben® Pumps are well-reputed in the sugar, starch, food and many other industries.


Our Bionic Cutter

A High Performace Grinder for Multiple Applications in Industry and Sewage

The Bionic Cutter is not like an old-fashioned macerator. Similar to the chewing process of a cow, we designed a stunning new working principle to cut coferments into tiny pieces. Our Bionic Cutter increases the biogas yield.

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Latest News

Herold invests more than 1.3 million Euro

We celebrated our 150th anniversary. This was not a reason for our retirement - we invested in several new projects. For example we purchased a new 5 axis CNC machine or a modern cogeneration unit.


Our new pump size 07.001

We got often the inquiry for small rotary lobe pumps. Therefore we developed a innovativ and hygienic pump size 07.001 Our smallest rotary lobe type 07.001
It is ideal for applications with less than 2 m²/h


Pumps With 3A Certificate

The food industry especially demands very high standards—one more reason to focus on quality. Our smallest rotary lobe pumps have now EHEDG.
Besides the our already existing pumps with EHEDG certificate we now have certified 3A pumps.