Outstanding features of the Herold rotary lobe pumps

In comparison to almost all ordinary rotary lobe pumps, which have a “portion-wise” pumping action at the suction and discharge end, the two in opposite directions running Wendelkolben® -helical twisted rotors- create an flow of medium with the lowest pulsation and vibration rate worldwide.

This improves the quality of the pumping process. The gentle way of transporting a medium is ideal for its homogeneity. It creates a very good, but at the same time gentle and continuous mixing effect. Due to its maximized delivery surface and displacement volume sugar crystals will not get triturated. Even media of highest viscosity can be pumped without problems. The result of the configuration of the rotors is a tremendous reduction in power consumption.

The revolving Wendelkolben® -helical twisted rotors- do not touch each other or the pump housing. The material of the rotors and the pump housing have a high degree of hardness. This is a guarantee for the purity of the medium to be pumped, as no foreign matters gets mixed in between. The exceptional quiet run and low pulsation rate operation increases the service-life of the pumps, drive units, valves and seals.
The rotary lobe pump dosn't have to be screwed to the floor—shake proof washers are enough.
It also reduces the loads on the complete pipeline system and its mounting brackets. There are no more roaring sounds.

Our rotary lobe pumps are designed for ease of inspection. In case the power breakes down and the medium to be pumped gets solid, the Wendelkolben® Pumps -helical twisted Roots pumps- can be put back fast into operation. The lid of the pump housing can be removed and even the pump housing can be taken off completely, so there is an easy access for cleaning, without demounting gear box, drive unit or pipes.

Summary of the advantages of our rotary lobe pump

  • Revolving lobes do not touch each other or casing
  • Minimum wear
  • Tolerant against short periods of running dry
  • Possibility of switching pumping direction
  • Volumetric delivery directly proportional to rpm
  • Continuous flow
  • Wide range of application
  • Pumps media of highest viscosity
  • Pumps liquids mixed with solids
  • Gentle mixing effect on medium
  • High efficiency

Advantages of the Wendelkolben® helical twisted lobes.

  • Lowest pulsation rate worldwide
  • Lowest vibration and energy saving pumping principle
  • Gentle positive displacement of the medium
  • Continuous flow
  • Reduced power consumption
  • No vibrations on pipeline system
  • Minimum noise level

Design advantages.

  • Rugged construction
  • Easy cleaning
  • Designed for ease of inspection and maintenance
  • Choice of different designs of seals
  • If required construction can be changed for higher pressure
  • If necessary construction can be adapted for higher temperature