Our rotary lobe pump is as good as it looks

With a long experience in business we put our knowledge into this extraordinarily good positive displacement pump. It comes with the latest technology—sanitary certificates, cartridge slide ring seals, tough materials and surface treatments. Our smallest rotary lobe pump

Packed with innovative features

Due to its special design our rotary lobe pump has the lowest pulsation rate worldwide. That saves energy and reduces the wear and tear on all pump parts and the attached pipeline system.

Designed to last

A Herold pump is designed for decades. Non-contact lobes ensuring not only a long lifetime. They save you also costs and production losses. And if you are going to reorganize your production process someday a Wendelkolben®-Pump can be placed from a high-viscosity to a low-viscosity media and vice versa.

Certified sanitary

Our lobe pump meet relevant sanitary norms, e.g. the European EHEGD Standard. So it's also ideal for the food industry.

It comes with an amazing range of possibilities

8 different sizes, discharge pressures up to 16 bar, flow rates from 0.1 m³/h up to 735 m3/h, viscosities up to 1,500,000 mPa s and more.