Herold Rotary Lobe Pumps in the Sugar and Starch Industry

Whenever sugar is being produced we have the pumping solution that meets the needs of the sugar processing industry. Herold has over 20 years of experience in producing reliable rotary lobe pumps for the tough operation in this field of application.

Downtime costs a pretty money. On ordinary pumps certain components have the tendency to break—just at the wrong time. Our pump comes with the required robust and failsave design. And with the lowest pulsation rate worldwide a Herold Pump are able to fulfill further required demands:

  • Smooth and gentle treatment of the medium to be pumped
  • Reliable slide ring sealing system
  • One pump type for low up to high viscous media
  • Small to large volumetric capacity
  • Energy Efficiency

Typical Product Applications:

  • Thick juice
  • Seed magma
  • White sugar massecuite
  • Raw sugar massecuite
  • After product massecuite
  • White sugar runoff
  • Raw sugar runoff
  • Affined massecuite
  • Molasses

Popular models


Large rotary lobe pump Type 02.350 The pump size 02.350 was designed to handle extreme large capacities. Whether you have low viscous media (e. g. molasses loading @ 500 m³/h) or high viscous products.

  • Product: Massecuite A
  • Viscosity: 180,000 mPa·s
  • Volumetric delivery: 125 m³/h
  • Pressure: 4.5 bar
  • Rpm pump: 64 min⁻¹
  • Drive: 55 kW


Rotary lobe pumps Type 02.100 Extreme high viscous media is not a problem for our pump at all. Due to an optimized pump housing design medium can flow easy into the pump inlet.

  • Product: Cooling mash after product
  • Viscosity: 2,000,000 mPa·s
  • Volumetric delivery: 25 m³/h
  • Pressure: 7 bar
  • Rpm pump: 43 min⁻¹
  • Drive: 22 kW