Rotary lobe pumps for chemical processing

Herold rotary lobe pumps are designed for pumping the most difficult fluids—quickly and safely!

Benzene No matter if you have to pump low or high viscous media, ATEX areas, sensitive products or other problems. A Herold pump offers you a safe solution for your business.

Typical Product Applications:

  • Betain
  • Bitumen
  • Streichfarben
  • Spezialfette
  • Ionentauscherflüssigkeit (förderempfindlich)
  • Magnesiumligninsulfonat
  • Masut
  • Weißleim
  • Silikone
  • Lösemittel-Elastomer-Gemische
  • Lösemittel
  • Stärke